Assisted Living

Chaperone Assisted Living Devices

Chaperone helps people live independent lives for longer. It also provides peace of mind for families or carers responsible for the safety and security for someone that is at times alone.

We provide a lightweight, durable and digitally connected SOS device which can be worn on a lanyard, keyring or in a pocket. It is water resistant, dustproof and can be used to call for immediate assistance.

The device is monitored 24/7 by our monitoring station and is available in two models.

SOS60 tracks every 60 minutes and SOS15 tracks every 15 minutes

The lightweight device includes the following features:

Large SOS Button

The device features a large SOS button for those with poor motor skills. Once activated the devices GPS location is sent and two-way recorded voice link is established with the monitoring station

Advanced Location Features

The device has a roaming SIM which can be tracked using GPS technology providing live locations when an SOS is activated


When living with Dementia and Alzheimers, ensuring a loved one stays within a particular area is critical. The Geo-fencing feature allows families and carers to set up invisible “fences” which sends alerts if they have been breached by the user.

Roaming SIM

A roaming SIM card ensures that the device connects to any available network within the UK or abroad

Please contact us for availability and monthly costs