Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring – Communicating with an Alarm Receiving Centre

Monitored burglar/intruder alarms (alarms that send a signal and receive automatic Police Response) are now expected to ‘confirm’ alarm activations. Confirmation is received when a second detection device is triggered in the same activation; therefore, something is definitely on site and moving around. If an intruder is detected a signal is sent from the alarm system using either a standard digital communicator, RedCare or DualCom, via the phone line and or cellular network.


The signal is received at our Alarm Receiving Centre (these used to be referred to as Central Stations or Monitoring Stations) and a keyholder is duly notified. If a second signal can confirm that an intruder is present then the confirmed alarm is given to the police. South Coast Alarms security solutions include (integrated) CCTV, ACCESS for all commercial premises from single offices to large industrial units.


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Alarm Monitoring Overview

With so many security options on the market these days it’s not easy to decide what’s best for your property.  The following few pages introduce alarm monitoring, overview the different types of alarm monitoring (active, passive and dual-path), the different levels Police response systems receive and alarm confirmation.

‘Audible or Bells Only’ – No Alarm Monitoring

If a burglar alarm is triggered, an external electronic sounder on your premises rings for up to 15 minutes; however, these are often ignored as nothing more than a nuisance. If you are relying on a Neighbour on a windy winter’s night, when they are tucked in front of the TV? Who will take notice?  So if your premises are away from passing traffic or it’s the middle of the night, there’s unlikely to be any reaction.


NB: No Police Response
In line with the latest Police Policy (April 2006)), sounders do NOT get an automatic Police response.  A third party (i.e. a neighbour) would need to confirm that the premises were in the process of being burgled before the Police would attend.

Monitored Security Alarms

For increased security you may wish to have your burglar alarm system monitored.  A monitored alarm is one that is linked via the telephone line and/or mobile phone network to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). We use Southern Monitoring Services to monitor our alarm signals.


An ARC is a permanently manned call centre whose staff are dedicated to monitoring security alarms and contacting the right Authority – i.e. the Police usually, or the Fire Brigade in the case of a fire – if there is an activation.  An ARC is bound by strict legislation which ensures the highest standards of operation.


There are several different ways a system can be linked to an ARC and our page is a brief summary of the types of alarm systems used by most businesses and homes.



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